Painted Glass

Painted glass is customizable and easy to maintain.

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Pioneers in thick glass and lamination.

Our craftsmen create custom glass countertops, laminated wall panels, and thick table tops to your design for any decorating style.

Fuzion Glass

Our custom-built kilns fuse glass to glass, producing a very durable surface for daily use.

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About us

Andrew Pearson began working with glass in 1989

When you purchase glass products from Andrew Pearson Industries, you can be assured that our skilled craftsmen produce high quality, one-of-a-kind glass elements. Your custom glass piece is fabricated in North Carolina and we only use raw glass produced in the United States.

North Carolina

Crafted in the USA

Our products begin with plate glass whose raw ingredients are mined in North Carolina.

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Environmental Pledge

Our shimmering artisanal glass elements and surfaces contain recycled glass.

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Trusted by Designers

We will customize our glass products to your design specifications.

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