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Hal and Sue Brownfield founded Andrew Pearson Industries, Inc. in Troy, Michigan in 1989 to make glass furniture. Previously, both had been engineers with Detroit-based General Motors Corporation: Sue Brownfield had degrees in industrial engineering from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and Hal Brownfield had a degree in engineering from the United States Military Academy. After graduating from West Point and serving three years as a Ranger in the U.S. Army, Hal worked for the Ford Motor Company before joining GM, where his automotive design job entailed shaping glass. This talent eventually led to the founding of our Company.

In its early days, Andrew Pearson focused its research and development on bonding glass to glass to create unique glass furniture such as tables and bookcases.  Andrew Pearson quickly gained a reputation for impeccable quality, manufacturing flexibility, and award-winning design.

Andrew Pearson moved to its present location in Mount Airy, North Carolina in 1994 to be closer to the furniture industry, including the nation’s largest wholesale furniture market in High Point. Over the next five years, Andrew Pearson continued to grow rapidly by regularly introducing innovative glass designs to the furniture industry.

In March of 1999, Andrew Pearson acquired The MET Collection for the Home, a contemporary furniture line. The acquisition created a dynamic synergy as Andrew Pearson combined its artisanal glass works with The MET Collection’s contemporary furnishings to create a unique collection of glass furniture. Andrew Pearson expanded its production that year by doubling the size of our factory, buying new machinery, and hiring new employees.

Today, Andrew Pearson continues to invest heavily in research and development of new glass products for the architects, decorators, and designers with whom we work. Our approach still relies on innovation with an emphasis on quality through repeatable processes grounded in science. We are currently focusing on varieties of fused and laminated thick glass which we are happy to share with you at our facility in Mount Airy, or around the world through our distribution network. 

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