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About Andrew Pearson

Founded in 1989 on three clearly defined guiding principles, Andrew Pearson Industries has evolved into a glass manufacturing company with greater capability for cold and warm glass processes and solutions than any other glass manufacturer of the same size in the United States. Today, these three guiding principles continue to direct everything we do: 

To be the technology and innovation
leaders of our industry.

To consistently deliver
unsurpassed quality.

To deliver world-class
customer service.

Pioneers in artisanal glass production

As leaders in technology and innovation, Andrew Pearson Industries is the original pioneer in processes and capabilities that have been replicated and copied the world over.  Clearly, this stands as a testament to true design genius.

In addition to bonding glass to glass in a production environment, Andrew Pearson was the first to bond metal to glass and the first to modify stone cutting machinery to cut and finish our stunning glass creations.

Several years ago, we developed fused glass technologies to create our line of thick glass architectural elements in a production environment.  With fine-tuned processes in place, we launched our countertop, vanity and stair tread lines for commercial and residential applications.

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